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Casino-Database-ServicesOne reason to choose a casino direct mail marketing company like CSG Direct is our extensive experience with casino databases.

Our database teams are creative solution builders in the casino marketing world.  We create tools and services everyday for our clients.  That’s why we make excellent marketing partners.

What kind of solutions do you need?
We have done casino mailings for over 20 years, so it is easy for us to identify patterns and places we can save you both time and money.  We are able to help you get your monthly schedules set and have your mailings go out on time through triggered automated mailing or traditional hands-on services.

Daily Triggered Mailings/Emailings
Another program we developed is our triggered daily, weekly and monthly mailing automation. These mailings are scheduled by your marketing department and automatically go from your database through our facility to the hands of your guests via email, text and/or direct mail.

We customize your favorite query to send us data that we CASS certify on the fly and rip with your art in full automation and produce triggered automated mailings.

This program can save you money by eliminating time and labor at your end and ours.  You can have full personalization of every aspect your mailpiece with matrix-driven tiers, and even multiple properties.  This is an extremely customized program, triggered and mailed daily to the right customers with the right offers.

Use triggered mailings, email, and texts for:

  • New guest bounceback offers
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Inactives

National Change of Address Player Database Updating
We have been an NCOA vendor for almost 15 years. We clean and update your database directly. No need to have your data entry team input the changes.

It is estimated that 17% of your customer base moves per year.  In 3 years your database could be 51% defunct.  We offer both 18 month and 48 month NCOA processing to keep your database  completely cleaned and updated.

Choosing CSG Direct as your direct mail and casino marketing partner will make all these services available to you.
We also offer on-site database list pulling and development, along with our custom tools, fast and accurate service, and great pricing.

We would love to walk you through these programs and show you how you can implement them with your marketing program!

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