How to easily implement modern marketing technology into your casino

Your team is only so big. You need to handle all your marketing options but new social media and marketing tools are becoming available way faster than any team can keep up with. How do we choose where to focus our attention for the highest gains? What is the best approach to getting everything running smoothly quickly and inexpensively?

In this workshop we will walk you step by step through the most important steps of Search engine and Social Marketing and show you how to get the absolute most done with the leas effort.

This is not an IT Class, it is a marketing Class, but IT is the data engine of marketing so bring them too.  We’ll be teaching practical application of all these new services and how they apply to Casino Marketing.

Implementing modern technology

There are so many marketing platforms we need to manage and each one has strengths and weaknesses. E-mail, billboards, direct mail, radio, television, social media all have the same purpose (bring guests in to play) but they all have different ways to track response and measure results.  There is a lot of pressure for you to win the day with social media but there is a great chance you will will go overboard and distract from your real goals.  Social Media is a great promise and the largest time waster ever created at the same time.  Our workshops will keep you focused on what matters and help you get the track-able results you need.

All marketing should bring in guests, and they all do when done right.  We will show you whats most important towards revenue so you don’t waste time and valuable resources.

) QR codes – what is the best use for these and who is using them

) Social Media – Blogging, RSS Feeds, social marketing, twitter, facebook, linkedin. Which ones bring in guests and how do we get this automated.

) Social Coupons – Groupon, Living Social and all other forms of online couponing. ( marketing unsold inventory to unrated players )

) Your website and SEM – (Search Engine Marketing), why is your website the most important thing and what are the simple steps to winning at search engines marketing.

) Email Marketing – well show you how most people are doing it wrong and how you can get the best results.

) Personalized printing – digital printing is one the fastest growing technology related to Casino Marketing. This is the new frontier in creating a personalized experience for your clients.

) Text messaging – This is not Spam 2.0. Your message needs to feel relevant to a guest or you can make them mad and they may ignore you forever. Done right text is a very effective tool.

) Data Capturing / Data Append – The best marketing uses more information about your guests besides coin-in.  What is the lowest hanging fruit for outside customer data and how to use it.

) Mobile apps - Expensive? Effective?  What is the purpose and should you spend the money. Learn exactly what you would like out of a mobile app to keep your customers engaged and wanting to come back in.

Michael Hemphill from CSG Direct Mail has hands-on experience in building and implementing campaigns using all of these tools. His no-pitch classroom environment along with the Raving casino experts panel will have you burning up your notepads and going home excited.  You will know exactly what you need in order to inexpensively implement and manage all the modern technology your team has to succeed.

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