Triggered Mailings

Triggered automation creates mailings/emails that go out on your predefined schedule according to your predefined criteria.

Triggered Direct Mail

Personalized Triggered Automation Direct Mail

CSG Direct’s triggered automated direct mail and email programs allow you to tailor your marketing to individual customers with very little effort on your part. With our automated programs, you can set your triggers, define your data, and your mailings are printed and mailed to your specified audience in your specified timeframe.

The possibilities with this kind of program are endless. You can thank customers for visiting, send them a birthday greeting, provide an offer for those you haven’t seen on awhile, or even just send them an appointment reminder. All of this, of course, can be done with any level of personalization you desire. From matrix based coupon offers to completely variable graphic elements, we can help you set up your triggered automated direct mail to get the best response with the least amount of time spent on your campaign.

Triggered automation sends your ideal offers, timed perfectly, automatically to your players.

Mailing Triggers

Set triggers to create daily mailings

CSG Direct’s triggered automation process is custom tailored per marketing program; meaning no two automations have the same programming. It starts by creating a time sensitive triggered event in which data is pulled from the client’s server using a criteria specific to the client’s marketing agenda. These criteria can range from player activity or birthdays to new member sign-ups or high rollers only. The possibilities are endless in this regard.


The data is then pushed to CSG Direct’s secure SQL Server. From there we use custom scripts to code and manipulate the data according to jobs specific needs. Often times the data is even mapped to a live matrix that the client can login to a designated server to update. It is then sorted with CSG Direct’s postal software and mapped to the client’s artwork. Once the data and art have been combined it’s time to print the clients project on one of our digital presses.


Examples of triggered automation programs.

A player moves to the next tier.

The database notices this and triggers a text to the player’s cell phone informing them of the tier change and offering a reward.

The database also triggers a personalized letter sent that day welcoming them to the new tier and restating the offer. This letter goes out the same day/next day because the database triggered the data to merge and print directly on a dedicated automation press. This gets your offer to the players much quicker than traditional monthly mailings.

The database also triggers an email to be sent one to two weeks later offering the player further rewards if they respond immediately.

The database then looks to see if the player comes back in or redeems the offers. If, after six weeks, the player has not returned, the database triggers an increased reinvestment mailer where they are offered perhaps a larger reward if they respond immediately.

You may design as many scenarios as you’d like to create a personalized automated triggered guest experience that runs all year long. We will work with you to fine tune your individual programs for the best possible outcomes.

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